Who are you?

Well, I'm just an otter wizard from Hungary, calling myself "Attila the Otter Wizard" in the Furry Fandom(What is a furry? for those who ONLY know the stereotypes). I attend to a technical high school, and studying in a bilingual IT class.

Why are you using your real firstname? And why did you decide to become an otter wizard?

Why? Because in the furry fandom I didn't want to choose another name for my fursona. Also, i'm bored of creating weird usernames. That's the simpliest reason I think.

I'm an otter wizard, because my favourite animal is otter, and wizards are cool, they have special abilities. My previous username was based on Merlin who resided in Windows XP. So i got the idea from there.

So, why did you become a furry?

Well, I gotta know the furry fandom through furry arts, and saw "furry" tags in it(yes because i like animals but only in general), so I looked it up on the internet around 2015-2016. Then, I found Majira Strawberry's youtube channel, and it really started me to interest. But, i hadn't known any other furries back then. Okay, on Wikifur's hungarian page in the "Furry" article there was the furry.hu which is defunct since then (ok it was dead at that time too, though the website was up and running).

Although, it didn't get me too much until June 2018. I was on a gamer convention "PlayIT" in the Hungexpo (located in Budapest), with a discord friend and his reddit friends, we were walking through the building, and found a friendly female furry called "Tsume" at Alkimista Labor (Alchemist's Lab). I was like "aah i think i found my place". Ok, my friend and his friends were neutral against furries, they're just normies in this view. But this isn't a problem, not everyone wants to be a furry.

After getting home from the convention, i was like "hey, i already have a furry acquintance on telegram, maybe she knows about her". Ok i sound like i would fall in love with her, but no, i just wanted to have a good conversation. I realized Tsume would go to Mondocon, an anime-themed convention (which is since going downhill pretty much, i was on the July 2019 one, but i was pretty disappointed due to the hot weather, the too much cringe there except furries but my feet hurt after many hours of standing), so i went too. When i found her she said she's going to her furry friends. So i followed her. And then, i met some of the furries in the hungarian fandom. Okay, some are pretty weird, but some are awesome. And this pretty grabbed into the fandom, and got into telegram groups / discord servers.

And after spending more than a year, that the fandom is mostly reflecting your personal flaws, which you have to correct in order to behave well. I realized that even if the fandom accepts wide variety of people (let it be gay, lesbian, straight, bi, (or being non-binary, although i didn't understand that) having autism or ADHD or anxiety), the fandom doesn't tolerate idiot peoples like in normal life. If you're a dick, then you're going to be known as the most idiot guy in the fandom, like in other communities, let it be at your workplace, your school and so on.

In my case, since i'm not in a relationship, i was a bit pushy for girls, but i realized after lots of warning that it's not a good thing. There are signals if the person wants you or not. But i hate the thing vice versa. My classmate pushed himself to me, and i know that's not a good feeling, especially annoying if you hate the person. If you have problems with your life, then this is a good cure. Just find friends to trust in, and tell your problems, they might help you. Protip: DON'T BE A DICK TO ANYONE, like i was sometimes! :)

What about the furries who live abroad?

Well, to tell you the truth, i've always liked foreign communities better, because they behave on a very different way then hungarians do. Hungarians are mostly negative with each other if something goes wrong, and i can feel it with every people, while others just say that "hey, you made a mistake", but hungarians mostly start dramas, and i got into several dramas because of just little things, but they made it to gigantic sizes. *facepalm* So i select who i'm gonna start a conversation with, and who i should avoid.

What popular furries or furtubers do you like?

Oh, i like most popufurs, but i do like furtubers who have smaller communities than popufurs.

Art I drew for JFET
Probably the cutest suiter,
drawn for him

The one i most adore is JFETspeaks (or just JFET). He is the most adorable character in the fandom, i think. The suiter has pretty good skills in acting him. His character always brings me smile on my face. He's a cute dork, and i've drawn him twice thus that. Once on paper (although i made mistakes in it), once digitally, and he liked both but the digital one has made his day.(I spoke with him on telegram) MOSFET is JFET's brother in the "story" or i don't know, that counts on the same level as JFET, because although he is quiet, he acts very hilariously, because he is hyperactive.

Art I drew for Barton Fox
An awesome photographer,
also my art

The next one is Barton Fox, who is a photographer in the fandom and makes awesome con videos. He's been on lot of conventions in North America(Midwest Furfest, Anthro New England, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Pine Fur Con, Furnal Equinox, Anthrocon, Megaplex - just to mention some). His random clips are things that made his Youtube channel known in the fandom by most furries. (Okay, Majira is the most well known.)

I'd like to mention Pocari Roo, BetaEtaDelota, Biogodz, Corey Coyote (aka Damn Dog Games), Soren Sladkevick, Pineapple Fox, Jib Kodi(actually he's more active on his twitter account) and Eigen Rovak, Majira Strawberry(mentioned him already ikr) and Zillion (Imaginatively Unimaginative) who are all awesome in a way, and making the furry fandom great!

I just can't be so thankful to make so good atmosphere and communities, even if the fandom is toxic sometimes! :D You know, if you find a good fandom or hobby, you're hardly ever to flee from it!

Oh before I forgot, i'll leave here my ref sheet(only demonstration, no bio here) without the wizard clothing:

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