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March 25, 2019

I'm still here just i didn't have much time to deal with my site. I was dealing with Linux a lot, I actually did a hungarian Linux basics/essentials version to my class based on a document (not the LPI one, doesn't have any common to it), and I'm planning to translate it into English (it takes energy and time but worth it, since many people thanked me for making the Hungarian version). The second reason is school, and the exams are coming in the end of April and in May, so yeah i won't have lazy days. It's making me nervous but yeah all ppl have hard time sometimes. Never mind. Last saturday I got a nasty cold, so I have a runny nose. It's annoying me very much, because i have to blow it a lot. AARGH. Thanks classmates. I'm keeping a good level in learning, though sometimes bad marks comes in. And because it's March, it'd be better to remove the snowflakes and put something better. Hmm, lemme think. I actually have no idea. Let's see what I can do.

January 5, 2019

So, Happy New Year guys! I changed a bit my site because Christmas is over a long time. Well, i don't wanna rite here so i'll be short. Everything's fine as always, though i'll have to learn a LOT because i have some subjects which i have 4(good) instead of 5(excellent) marks in average. For example. i got a 2(D) in English Civilization and now i changed strategy that i won't be lazy or be like "i don't give a shit".

December 22, 2018

Merry Xmas to everyone in advance! Sorry for not posting here, but i had tons of stuff to do. I have winter holiday so i can do lots of stuff, though I’ll visit my grandparents next week and do some homework. I’ve read Mariteaux’s post that he won’t be active anymore on neocities. I understand him 100%. Despite there are too many weird people(worse than bad furries) and the autism exceeds its limits sometimes, I found friends on Neocities, and I keep in touch with them to know what’s going on. Since Mariteaux deleted the Neocities District discord server, i rarely check Neocities.

I fear that this neocities community will disappear once. I’ve experienced this with other communities. For example I was in the Miniforum (Hungarian kids’ TV channel Minimax’s forum) from 2009 which thrived until 2013 when the webpage was fully redesigned so the forum disappeared. The community created there lived on for 1-2 years on other forum then the community just became dead. 1 or 2 messages were post in 2 months, then the site which hosted this community (it was where you could create a forum, that site wasn’t successful due to poor site traffic) announced that they’re going to closedown after December 31, 2016, so I tried to save at least 40% of the forum(the other 60% was junk only), which i managed to do.

This story, what i told you, might happen with neocities as well, if Kyle decides to do so. But I think he won’t for a long time, since most people update their site frequently.

About Mari’s leaving, I say he’s like Spriteclad, because they’re both rioting and doing so much stuff then deciding to leave because they couldn't bear what were going on Neocities.

That's all for now. I wish you guys and girls again a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, if i don't post here until 1st of January :DD

December 5, 2018

Whooosh, it's December already! I know, I know, I haven't updated my website, basically I'm dealing with school stuff all the time. Tomorrow's Santa Claus, so I though it would be good if I prepared my webpage for the holidays. I hope you like the christmas theme. :)

October 14, 2018

The CSS was a bit broken for mobile, so i corrected the errors, and also the links on some pages were also broken - they weren't properly set up. I hope this time it will get working.

October 13, 2018

Today I managed to finish the design i started yesterday. The reason is that I really wanted to change my site's appearance, but it didn't come out as i wanted. Mariteaux created Neocities Districts in June/August 2018, and now he finished the website, which I think is a pretty decent design for such a static website. And this grabed my attention, which led me to change the look of my website.

September 16, 2018

I didn't make those missing pages, since i didn't have the time. Also that's i think unnecesessary in my opinion, so i'll take those empty links down. It would've needed so much time to do, I instead just make modifications on my page for eg. i re-recorded the A3.mid with Yamaha S-XG50 portable VSTi soundfont played under foobar2000.

September 14, 2018

I made an essay-thingy about modern computing, which I think i will fresh frequently, since i wanna share my thoughts what i think. The link will be on the home page and on this page too

September 13, 2018

I fixed the clock, so it works very well, thanks strata for helping me. I also modified the design to match the header in color, so it now looks better. Thanks Capy for helping me out in this. If you weren't here, I would've made bad changes. I want to make lot of content on my page, but i have no time for that, except on the weekend. Hmm, maybe this weekend i can start doing the missing pages from Nostalgia. Good idea.

September 7, 2018

Ok, so I made a new design which i was doing since Wednesday. I took the design idea from the Fallout's pip-boy. I think it looks much better than the previous design. I have school since monday, but the teaching started on tuesday. The schedule is a piece of shit(it's temporary luckily), but we'll get a new schedule on next monday. Things are a bit hard. But we'll get used to that. Every school term starting is bad.

September 1, 2018

So, school is coming on monday(3rd), I won't be active as much as I did in the past. But feel free to talk to me on discord(DCTag is in the "About me" page if you're interested how I am nowadays.

August 13, 2018

Phew, I haven't refreshed my webpage for a few weeks, but i didn't have the mood for doing that. I'm enjoying the last weeks of the summer holiday. After that, school will come and because our form teacher left, we're desperate about the next 2 years in school since other teachers left because some became pensioner, etc. So yeah, that's all for now.

July 25, 2018

Nowadays I'm playing The Elder scrolls IV Oblivion as a Khajiit.

khajiit character stats

Also, I'm tweaking the midi settings in xmplay, where you can put not just one sf2 so you can create a unique sound experience. Like the song on the "Home"/index.html page.

July 21, 2018

Oh yeah, I became 18 years old today! :) I have lots of rights from now, though i will only take advantage of those rights which i wanna do. Personally, I don't wanna become a alcoholist, drug-addict or chainsmoker (even i don't wanna smoke).

July 10, 2018

Today I didn't do anything useful, though I was playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 and did some delivery jobs from Norway to Sweden, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Ireland. Because mom was in my room, she was too curious about my things so I explained how I write a blog and how does my webpage is built up. When I'm writing this she's near my chair sitting on the edge of my bed.

On 14-15th I'll be on MondoCon which is a convention for people who are keen on anime or at least know it - well I'm not an Otaku, but I still know a few animes -, but also there are some furries on it and cosplayers - who wear a mascot - I mean they dress up as their favourite characters - for eg. Naruto, Son Goku etc. I always wanted to go to this convention, so I hope it'll be good, since it's 2 days long and the ticket price wasn't too expensive, I bought mine for just 3500 Ft online, to avoid the long queues.

Oh, I have a question, have you been to a convention before? If yes, let me know in the comments, or on my discord, since i'm there too (MerlinXP#5670). Btw, it just came to my mind, I forgot to explain why I removed the Discord server link. Due to the dramas going on that server, I left it to sink in the void. Since i'm not in that server anymore, it's not fun to advertise that.

July 8, 2018

I arrived home from holiday yesterday. It was a bit boring for me since I had to ask my mom 2 times to upload my phone with money to let me allow buy 1 GB internet - 1 GB is too few when you're away on holiday.. Btw I replaced the Reading Project's button to a smaller version, since he noticed me about it. Oh, and also I can do my webpage again! Yay! It's good that i use our own internet, not my limited cellular network which costs ~1600 HUF / 1 GB (around $5.5), and i had to buy 2 portions of that package. Nevermind... I'm home so i can enjoy the unlimited broadband internet :))) (btw the phone has 4G so i could browse the net by 4G but you know, the problem is the price)

I also turned the retro IBM PC on to see everything's fine with it. I always turn off the power supply since it's making a high frequency hiss when it's at idle - i mean the PC isn't turned on but the power supply. (UPD: no, it's just a normally working PSU, i don't need to turn the PSU off, because it stops making the sound after 10 seconds).

March 31, 2018

Radio station catches since 2012

I always loved listening to radio stations. In 2011, when I found my mom's old Philips walkman, I started to listen to radio on it (the cassette deck is bad in it since it's worn so it "eats the tape") and it's radio works very well! I always catch lots of stations on mediumwave at night with it and sometimes i felt i wanna record some of the stations I tuned into..

My first catch which I knew very well since I gotta know WebSDR ( which is a wide-range low-frequency online radio receiver from 0 Hz to 29.16 MHz. This WebSDR let me to check the radio station which I heard in Hungary so that could be received on that dutch receiver. And that's how identified Deutschlandfunk in 2012.

After a bit of time, I recorded WWV from the WebSDR since I knew this would worth a lot to me since I couldn't record it again due to low signal and other signals interfering it.

I stopped recording these radio stations from then but I regret it because Deutschlandfunk stopped broadcasting on mediumwave in 2015. Also, in 2016 i caught Radio Australia on WebSDR but in this February when I wanted to listen to it again, I found out that R.A. in 2017 did the same as DLF. I was like "Shit! This stopped too?" Okay, I wrote the same thing here what I wrote into the english document of the radio recordings, so i wanna link those here, I hope you find them useful: link

December 16, 2017

Got my old IBM PC

Hey guys, so recently I wasn't doing my page, the reasons for it: I was playing games at weekends, and I had no mood for it , but now I decided to do a blogpost, btw nowadays I had lot to do, like learning, and helping my parents, and so on.

For this christmas, I'll get a new table as a present, but I know what'll be like since i planned that with my dad and he did the legs of the table (it's iron), and he ordered wooden tableplates for my table. It'll be big, since it's a corner desk (not corner desktop) which goes from my bed to my window.

So, i bought an old PC last month (on November 26), which is an IBM PC 300 model 2169-55g. It had Windows XP when i got it, but it was lagging (Windows Media Player), so i put first Windows 2000, but it came to my mind, that Windows 98 has bigger support for games, and it's nostalgic for me, so then installed the Second Edition (the computer has a license key on its side, so i was lucky), which works fine(though i caused BSOD because it locked up but the HDD is in 100% condition).

The config is like that:

UPDATE August 22,2019 : This is how the computer looks like right now (thumbnails, click on 'em for larger image):

The desk dedicated for the old pc

the badges on the computer

image image
The front ant back of the computer

Finally, the update about my website. Since it's almost Xmas, that's essential to dress my webpage to the adequate look. :D I hope you like it. And, I deleted the hungarian page, since it's pain in the neck to style that page to the level that the english one has, hence i need to translate the pages to hungarian, or do the manual design, and so on. That's all for today.

July 1, 2017

Kugee and the lan bass party

I'd like to present Kugee in my first article.

He's a youtuber who likes old computers and sea creatures (especially the largemouth basses and whales (his logo is a maroon whale). His videos are about those things, but if you haven't watched any of these videos I'd recommend it from My 486 Computer in Action, because you won't understand this fish frenzy (I know everyone has different interests). At first people think "what's this channel/What am I watching?" but you'll find out this is a fiction, where the main characters are Basifuk (a sea creature(perhaps largemouth bass)), the Eternal King of Soy (who is still being searched by basses), and a dolphin about whom we know likes to play on LAN but I'd rather not tell the joke about it.

In short, the video is about a stuffed largemouth bass who invites his friends for a LAN party where interesting things happen.

Here's the video:

The strange thing is that the plushes are whacked to the keyboard (that's the joke that fish can't type), you can see on the Windows Logon screen that "Computer is not designed to be used by fish, why are you even trying?" I think the video is very good, the point is that it has creativity in it, a video without creativity sucks.

Kugee's first videos could be a bit monoton imho(no, they're fine as first videos), but he improved a lot over 2-3 years, I think the first good videos were at Hardcore Windows NT, and when there was the Discord server(It's like Teamspeak and Skype in a program) possibility(March 2017), I got to know what videos he was going to make(7 videos about 240p politics), I found out from these videos that this is a imagined story which still has no end because Kugee has ideas, but he doesn't want to spill the beans.

Kugee, if you read this, I didn't say any bad about you, keep it up!

Well, that's all for now.

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