September 13, 2020

I'm through my first week of university (Óbuda University). It's online only right now because of COVID-19. We're using Microsoft Teams and the so-called NEPTUN system and Moodle for university studies.

You probably didn't hear of NEPTUN. It's a universal university education system where you can set up your schedule, do some formal requests, see your grades, do payments here (because some exam retakes cost money and subject take ups), etc. The list would be long but you get the point.

Btw, every university students (without any exception) gets a so-called NEPTUN code(for their university studies if they want to switch university, they have to take this code with themselves), which is 6 character long, it can consist of letters only or letter with some numbers. It generates from your name and some other random gibberish. Eg. ABCDEF or AKF01Q (if one of the neptun codes are existing by accident, sorry for that, just i wanted to demonstrate it).

We sometimes get some homework to do, but they're pretty easy if we understood the stuff the lecturer said.

It's important! You should practice for subjects that require computing like programming, calculus, discrete mathematics and linear algebra. Also, you should pay attention the deadlines, because sometimes the Registrar's office don't give a shit about it, so if they don't send you a mail, you should send them some mails a week (though if it's important stuff), and then they may reply.

This semester I have these subjects: Calculus I (Calc), Discrete Mathematics and Linear Algebra (Dimat), Software Design and Development (SWDD in short), Basics of Information Systems (BasInf), Electricity, Macroeconomics (Macro in short).

We're expected in some subjects to have exams, but also to take mid-term tests mostly in the 6/7th and 12/13th weeks, and we shouldn't miss more than 30% because then we're rejected from that subject and we won't get any signatures.

This isn't like high school where you missed and you had to prove that why you missed. University doesn't give a shit about it. It happens that you miss because you have to go to an appointment to somewhere official building or to the doc's etc. Just no more than 30%.

In the exams it's different. If you missed the first exam, because you couldn't register for it (because the places were full), then you have another chance. If you fail the 2nd exam, then you have to pay for the third and so on. You have 6 chances. If you failed your 6th take, then you're dismissed from the university.

Yeah, this is how our university works in a nutshell.

Otherwise, i'm pretty fine. I'm still doing stuff to OSM and gonna hold a presentation about my contribution on 28th September in the Hungarian OSM community online via BBB (BigBlueButton).