October 17, 2020

One month passed since i wrote my last article. I have been learning since then and had already two midterm tests of Calculus I. Those two gotta be reasonably good. I got 41(18+23) points out of 50(25+25), but still got 2 midterms of Calculus I .To be honest, to get a reasonably good result, you have to learn a fuckton no matter what. I need to get my signature of the subjects to take the exams.

I'll do a drastical change to my website, so that you all can save cellular internet because i'm sure my website drains a lot from your available network. To make this, i'm gonna make separate articles for each blogpost, just yeah, i need to prepare for my midterms(on Monday I'm gonna have a programming midterm and yeah there's many others to come) and also i want to have some fun like playing games on PC.

Mentioning playing computer games, I recently bought American Truck Simulator with all map dlcs and some others bundled when the Steam sale was at the beginning in the month. It's a fun game to play with I know it right.