December 20, 2019

I’ve built a Pentium 4 computer two weeks ago, but i forgot to post it, because of lack of time. I'm using Win2000 on it, because Windows 98SE is a pain in the ass with drivers ( the celeron pc luckily had a lan card so I can use it with the p4 machine since that has no integrated lan, windows 2000 recognizes the lan card instantly, but windows 98 doesn't since it only supports 3c905-tx-m or 3c905b-tx-m by default, but i have 3c905c-tx-m card), and not XP, because I had bad experiences it, like BSOD or lock ups, and it's not very nostalgic for me, even if i used it a lot.


Probably in the past this whole thing would've cost ~1000$ or more, but I got some of the parts for free (motherboard, CPU + cooler, RAM, sound card, tuner card).

Card and cables

Driver, manual, box


back of the pc


desktop (videocard running at 1152x864,
but i stretched the image to 1440x900
to fit the monitor's resolutions
that i'm using the pc with)

keyboard and mouse

Table aesthetics

Also, the end of the decade of 2010 is going to end in 11 days! To sum up what's happened with my life: I went through lots of mental trauma, had ups and downs, but at least I got enrolled into technical high school and i'm preparing for my final exams which are due on May 2020. So that's all for now. Btw, the Winfast card rocks! :))