25 June 2018

Happy 20th anniversary, Windows 98!

On 25 June 1998, you were released for retailers. I know you so much time ago, since 2007, and you've been a good and stable OS. I gotta know you on a school computer which was kinda slow, but it was still usable.

You gave me lots of experiences, I installed you a lot on virtual machines, and by November 2017, I use you on the IBM computer. To be honest, it's awesome that I own an old PC since i can do anything I want.

I love the experience of old games, also now I'm listening to old ambients/background music taken from Deus Ex multiplayer, while writing this on the IBM computer.

Why was(is) Windows 98 good? First of all, the DOS support is still as good as it was in Windows 95. Also, it's much more customizable than Windows 95(I use Tahoma font instead of MS Sans Serif since it looks way better), and the driver support is much bigger for later hardware. And, for nostalgia, Windows 98 is a perfect example, since lot of people had that system back then (okay, here in hungary lot of people used Windows 95 till 99, just a few people had Windows 98 at that time)

Note that the max-width settings won't work with IE 5, it'll fill in the whole browser tab with text.

Programs that I used a lot when I was pre-teenager(and used it on Vista or on virtual Windows 98 SE):

All other screenshots I have laying around:

All other screenshots about Windows 98 (GUIdebook)

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