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Do you wonder how many cartoons and series do I know? Here I'll tell you some which maybe you know or not. I'd better talk about cartoons, because you maybe know Shrek, Star Wars, Fast & Furious, Disney etc. films - they're usually made for one watching though lots of films from Dreamworks and Disney are very good that it's a pleasure to watch those films again.

Since I'm an adult as i am writing this, this is my past of watching cartoons, though there are some which I would watch again, because they're good. And also, this is how I remember my childhood, which was good. Today's children mostly don't know what cartoons were on TV in the early 2000s.

Before you start reading, I'll give you a Table of Contents thing because this will be very long and choose which is interesting for you. And also, this is my humble opinion about the series/films/cartoons I wrote here.(like how did i like it or what's wrong in it, like that)

Table of Contents
Cartoons & animated stuff
1 Garfield
2 Blinky Bill & Yoram Gross's other cartoons
3 Penguins of Madagascar & Madagascar film
4 Around the World with Willy Fog (updated)
5 Geronimo Stilton (added)
6 Aang The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra
7 Naruto
8 Cartoons from Poland and Czechoslovakia in the age of Socialism
9 Hungarian cartoons
10 Others (just to mention them too)



Oh, I loved this series, and in the late 2000s and early 2010s I bought Garfield comics, but then the prices rose so I decided to stop buying it. The comic was as good as the old Garfield & Friends cartoon. The series from 2008 is good too but it's not as great as the old was.

I read the comics as I mentioned buying it, but because I'd read them all(I remember laughing when Garfield slept and did stupid things with Odie), I gave them to my ex-best friend(who was the best friend back then, but since high school I haven't met him) around 2011 or 2012.

Favourite character? I'll tell ya, not Garfield, nor Nermal, but Odie. He made me laugh a lot because he's a silly and clumsy dog.

Blinky Bill & Yoram Gross' other cartoons

Blinky and his some of his friends

Yes, the mischievous koala from the 90s. I wanted to watch the series when I was a young kid (like at age of 2-5) but my mom didn't like it so she switched channel. Now because there's internet, I can watch Blinky Bill when I want. :D

Skippy adventures in bushtown
Cover of Skippy: Adventures
in Bushtown(which i know by

My favourite character from there is Splodge the kangaroo. Why? He's smart, brave and cute. Also Nutsy, because she's caring and smart and careful. I know there's a dingo beauty called "Daisy" but she's only 3rd on my list.

My thoughts about the cartoon: It's the best Aussie cartoon I've ever seen. The 1992  film is unbreakable and fabulous. I saw the trailer of it's sequel in 2015, but I think its bad, not as good as the original 1992 film was, it doesn't bring back the old Blinky Bill, instead just transforming a good series to CGI. Oh, and who made Blinky Bill on TV, Yoram Gross passed at age of 88, in 2015.

Yoram Gross tried to create a similar version to Blinky Bill in 1998, "Skippy: Adventures in Bushtown", which I didn't know before I searched a bit on the internet and suddenly found it somehow. Also, you can find all the works of Yoram Gross on his (now memorial) website:

DVD cover of Dot and the Kangaroo

And, I know Flipper & Lopaka, it can be watched in Hungary (in the early-late 2000s you could watch on Minimax), and also Tabaluga (which was i think first aired on M2 (hungarian television channel 2)), and these two animated cartoons were made in cooperation with ZDF and Kika (German TV channels), so you can they're similar to some German cartoons like Bibi Blocksberg.

About Dot and the Kangaroo: I'd say it's a good tale, though my imagination is to read the Ethel Pedley's book (which you can read for free) because i watched about 20-30 minutes of it and started sobbing (though i don't cry while watching films) but this made me sob, especially at the end. Despite watching the saddest parts of the movie, I'd want to watch the whole, but I don't have the time for that unfortunately, because of learning and preparing for exams :( I hope I can watch the whole film for real. But first I need to finish the reading of the book.

Also Yoram made several sequels to Dot and the Kangaroo until 1994 when he stopped making them: Around the World with Dot(1981), Dot and the Bunny(1983), Dot Goes to Hollywood(1987).

By the way, I had no idea that Dot and the Kangaroo even existed. Once I thought of Blinky Bill, I wanted to see what cartoons Yoram Gross did in his active years. So i googled up and I thought I might watch Dot and the Kangaroo, which I did.


Penguins Of Madagascar & Madagascar

madagascar film
Madagascar's characters

I know this series since 2012 or 2013. This was my favourite cartoon in my early 10s. The majority of the main characters are from the Madagascar films: Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, Private, King Julien and the others. The basic story is based on the film so you just feel almost the same as if you watched the movie. Every episode contains another story which some of them are hilarious I think like you don't expect that what you get in front of the screen.

The penguins from the

My favourite character was Marlene there, because she is gorgeous in any means though she's just a little otter - she made me love otters. It's a shame she didn't get any role in the 2014 film, which was kinda different from the series.

Madagascar Film

...where all the stuff started. The protagonists are Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, and Gloria the Hippopotamus. All the craze began at the Central Park Zoo when penguins want to escape the zoo, so Marty did too. He was taken back to the zoo but then the zookeepers realized they wanna go wild. So they sent them to the Isle of Madagascar where the fun begins.

I like this film because there are lots of funny and thrilling parts. And because the film is good, i would watch it over and over and over again. By the way, the sequels of it are good too. The creators had good imagination IMO.

Around the World with Willy Fog & Willy Fog 2

Willy Fog 2

The protagonists

This cartoon is a favourite because the story is fabulous (it's from Jules Verne's stories - I've read some books from him). Also the intro music is catchy, I can't get out of my head xD

My favourite character from it well... It's hard to answer since everyone here is good, but I think I say Romy and Rigodon. Tico is a bit annoying, I think. Willy Fog is just a good protagonist, that's all.

The story in a nutshell: There's a gentleman called Willy Fog(in the original story Phileas Fogg - here he's a lion) who bet to the member of his club that he can go around the world in 80 days. So he hired a butler called Rigodon (who is a cat here - but in the original story he's Passepartout in this cartoon he has a companion called Tico - a hamster who doesn't exist in the book), and take their journey. Fog mets her love called Princess Romy (in the book she's called Aouda) on half his way so they go together along. Btw, I found a page where there's a small review about Willy fog and its intro music(you can't find the same version on the internet - it's a bit different from the original): The webpage is old, it's from 1998, but fortunately it's been saved to Wayback Machine, if it gets deleted from internet. (i found lots of hits between 1999-2008)

About the "Willy Fog 2".. It's based of 2 other Verne novels. Well, I think it's worse than the original one. Rigodon and Tico aren't good as they were in the original "80 days..." series. They're annoying, and most people think the same. Although it's still watchable, but the original one is better.

Geronimo Stilton

I know this cartoon since the end of 2000s, and I really liked it back then that I have 8 books of the series. (They're like 80 pages long and the text isn't long so it can be read under 2 hours or less) My favourite character... Well i like the main 4-5 protagonists (Geronimo, Thea, Trap, Benjamin, Bugsy Wugsy) all of them are funny and the stories are interesting.

My book collection of it

The protagonists

About the series

Basically every episode is made of different stories/mysteries, when I was under punishment a few months ago, it was good to rewatch some Geronimo Stilton episodes. (the reason why I was under punishment it's basically off-topic) I remember Trap is the funniest character in the whole and Benjamin is the smartest out of the 5, but the whole gang are too.

Before you ask, Geronimo and Thea aren't married, since they're siblings. They work at "The Rodent's Gazette". Benjamin and Bugsy are their nephew and niece. And Trap is their cousin.

Aang the Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra

madagascar film
Korra the avatar

At first I watched The Legend of Korra because our English teacher showed us that in 2012, so I talk about this first. I think Korra is a beautiful girl with super powers, though she's too stubborn to do such things. I watched it until the second book, but then I got bored of it so I stopped watching it. I know the ending of the fourth book because I was curious what happened, since i didn't want to watch the whole series (I did the whole Naruto - except the filler parts), but I don't want to spoiler here.

madagascar film
Aang and his friends

A year later or maybe that year I watched Aang T. L. A., because I wanted to know what was the history of the events of Korra's. Here I could understand everything and I think this was much more exciting than the Korra series. The characters are well designed and the story is much more interesting, though Korra's story is on the same pillar. In addition, Aang's not stubborn, he's a cheerful guy who wants to see the world.

Btw, these two series's world similar to Naruto -  which will be the next I put here. The Aang/Korra's chinese styled world has 4 elements, while Naruto's japanese-styled world has 5. The differences in the two world, that in the Naruto there are "Kages" and one Lord in each country, while in the A/K world there's only one Avatar(like Aang or Korra) but every country has a "King/Lord".

Naruto (& Boruto, if you wish)

Naruto as a teenager

Naruto's family

This was the first anime I've ever seen, and my favourite one. I was curious about how other animes look like and compare them to Western/European ones, I'd say they're very different, and I could feel that Japanese people are more and more sentimental, and they have tons of genres under the term "Anime", some are made for girls or kids, some for teenagers, and some for adults.

Nah, enough of half off-topic, let's begin! Naruto is a boy who has a nine-tailed fox as a beast sealed in him,  who lost his parents when he was a baby. Naruto got to know "Kyuubi" the fox beast after a time and also during his academy + Genin years (there are ranks for each ninja: Genin, Chunnin and Jounin) he made lots of friends though when he was in academy he was alone. His dream is to become the leader of Konohagakure, the town where he lives. He survived a war too, and after that fell in love with a girl called Hinata, who he married a few years later, and also he became Hokage(the leader of the land of Fire - Fire Shadow in literally translation) and he has 2 children: Boruto(boy) and Himawari(girl).

There's a series of his son, Boruto, since 2017. I think he's stupider than his father and the series is kinda "boring" to watch, though there were some interesting episodes.

If you want to watch the whole "franchise", then you need at least 3-4 months for it because it's 700+ episodes long counting with Naruto + Naruto Shippuuden + Boruto.

I think 200-250 episodes of this anime series is just filler, so I skipped those fillers which has nothing to add to the main branch of the story.

Cartoons from Poland and Czechoslovakia

The "little mole"

Bolek and Lolek

The cartoons I mention here have a common thing: every episode is different so they don't go on a branch like "Around the World with Willy Fog" or "Aang The Last Airbender", and usually the characters don't speak or they just give a sound effect like grinning. I know Bolek and Lolek (a series of two boys), "Enchanted Pencil" (Zaczarowany ołówek in Polish) (a series about a boy who helps other kids/people by drawing things in the air and they become real), "Mole" or Krtek (which is about a mole doing fun stuff usually or he gets in troubles most of the time)


"Enchanted Pencil"

I loved these cartoons, my best of them I think is the "Mole" because of the different stories and problems in it. And the backstory behind this cartoon is interesting too. Zdeněk Miler, the drawer of the series he was asked in 1954 to make a cartoon which shows the steps of the textil industry, but he couldn't do that. In 1956, he tripped over a molehill, so he decided to have a mole as the protagonist.  "It took me a long time to realize it, but when I draw Krtek, I was drawing myself", he said.

Unfortunately, Zdeněk Miler died in 2011, at the age of 90. He was having health problems when he stopped making "Mole" in 2001-2002, so he announced that he stops making that since then.

Hungarian Cartoons

Vuk the fox cub

Well, Hungarian cartoon & film industry made a lot of animated films like Vuk (it's based on Fekete István's book - it's about a fox who loses his parents because they were killed by hunters), Ludas Matyi (it's about a guy called Matyi (Mattie in English) carries a goose and it's based on Fazekas Mihály's poem ),Szaffi (it's in the times when a big part of Big-Hungary was under the Ottoman Empire). They are the best and most classic ones I can mention.

About cartoons, well I'd rather not to mention because that'd take some time like some were puppet cartoons like "Mazsola és(and) Tádé" or "Futrinka utca(street)", and some were drawn but that list would be huge so i'd mention just some(Mézga család(The Mézga Family), Frakk a macskák réme(Frakk, the cats' spectre), A nagy ho-ho-horgász (The big fi-fi-fisher in english translation), Vízipók-Csodapók (Water-spider - Miracle-spider (literally translation xd)) and so on..) And if you wonder how old are they, all of the cartoons i mentioned here were made in the 1960s or 1970s or maybe early 1980s.


Futrinka street - a puppet

Because I'm a hungarian, these were aired a lot on TV and the movies mentioned are usually aired on the National Holidays (15 March, 23 October).  And these were my part of my childhood. I liked them a lot. They don't have to be reproduced (though I read on the internet about Vuk's sequel made in 2008 which was a huge fail in both story and both money invested to it - that's I said about Blinky Bill's sequel, what a coincidence, huh? Though the 2015 Blinky Bill movie grabbed a lot of money)




Other cartoons I know

Because I list here a lot, I think only the titles and pictures speak of them :D

So let's get started!

Fix and Foxi


Dexter's Laboratory

Powerpuff girls

Nils Holgersson


The Jetsons

The Flintstones

Tom and Jerry

The Road Runner Show

Looney Tunes

The Lion King


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