Here the radio stuff come.

So I've been into DXing (long distance station receiving) since 2012, because i found receiving radio stations - which is far away from me - stunning and most of the cases I couldn't repeat the thing due to the following reasons:

I also record them, because nobody knows when will the remaining long-/medium-/shortwave broadcast will stop transmitting and I wanna make an archive for the next generations.

Before you ask me, I don't have any Shortwave amateur operator license, and I don't have the equipment for transmitting.

I've actually been editing a list since 2018 to gather all the recordings I did since I started DXing. On my Google drive folder there are there are the recordings of all of them, and I attached some times waterfall images of it. (Here are my equipment for receiving radio station at home)

# Source & QTH Station Frequency Notes Recording date
Recording link